Monday, June 8, 2015

The Internet is Dangerous....

You see all kind of things you didn't know you needed...

And I REALLY need these chairs...oh, I wouldn't be buying them for myself exactly. I would be buying them for my living room... like a gift.
But then they would need to be recovered to fit in with the other kids and that just makes life complicated...

Loving this Tibi jumpsuit
Oh the places we could go together...
I need to find a look for less...I'll keep you posted.

I would love to see two of these in a dining room or maybe over a fireplace.
See anything you like?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Look For Less Dining Room Makeover

Kathy pinned this image last night and I could not stop thinking about it!!!
It is so good and within reach...if I win the lottery or try the look for less.

so much to love...from the wooden paneled ceiling to the textured wallpaper + the mod seating..

           Warren Platner Armchair, Knoll

        Warren Platner Chair...Here

Platner Libo Dining Side Chair White Leather

Or look for less Platner Chairs     

BB.06.05 in oil-rubbed bronze with clear globesArchitecture by Skylab

Lindsey Adelman molecular structur Irregular glass chandelier Suspension Light

Or if you're really brave you can try the look for less on Ebay. And if you do, let me know how it goes because I have to admit I am a little bit tempted. 

For art I would love to splurge on this James's expensive, so expensive I couldn't even find a price. 

And for the look for less you could paint something yourself...although I swear it's not as easy as it looks.

Or you could buy his book and enlarge and frame one of the prints.

And of course I would love to have the originals but I would also love to send my kids to college, travel and buy cute shoes.

What about you? Go for the original or mix in some look for less?
 PS Check out my Pinterest boards for more fab pics!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Like...

Came across a few things I thought I should share...

First, the
How delightful is this little wrap? Can you imagine how cute you would look in the airport traveling on your next vacation? Or at the movies. Or just some freaky cold restaurant in the middle of the summer. Stylish and comfortable, it's a win-win. I like it.

Puka Bell Choker

And holy cow...Saw this here

Puka Bell Choker

I like a lot.

Ceremonial Tassel Bangle

This falls under super cute but totally impractical. 
I would drag those tassels through some ketchup before noon. But that doesn't mean I don't want it. I like - I want.
You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need. Do I really need a ketchup covered tassel bracelet? I'm going to ponder this and let you know...thoughts?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Tuesday

 I had a really fun, busy holiday weekend.
I can tell because my closet looks like this....
(If you are a neat freak you may want to look away)

Guess what I am doing today?
Hope you had a great weekend too!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Art For Father's Day

Already thinking about Father's Day? 
Men are tough aren't they? Well, what about some art from a friend and local artist Kathryn Ciarrocca?

Pets & Animals -

So much to choose from...loving this happy crab.

Pets & Animals -

What about a commission of man's best friend?


You may even find something for yourself.

And truly, what father or husband wouldn't rather have a gift for his daughter or wife than a gift for himself??
Check out Kathryn's site here: The Pleasant Palette

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Separation Anxiety

I ordered this necklace as a gift and when it arrived I felt a strong attachment to it. You know how I love a statement necklace. Wrapping it up and handing it over was hard, like a Monday in February. 

I took a picture so I could remember it and then decided to plan a few outfits around it. You know, just to torture myself.

Maasai Yarn Necklace by sissy-mebane-schoettelkotte on Polyvore featuring COPE, J.Crew and AERIN
White jeans  black & white sandal  Black shorts

  I love how the right necklace can take a boring outfit and make it the hit of your party.
Want some other options? 
Check these out...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Shop Like a Professional

Want to play a game? Come on, it will be fun...
What do all these pictures have in common?

Did you figure it out?
They were all designed using Quadrille Fabrics.

And you know my love for Quadrille...remember this post and this one?
The good folks at New York Designer Fabric Outlet saw my post and shared a little secret with me...they are a fabulous source for designer fabrics and wallpaper opened to the public. Yep, that means anyone can hop on their fab site and order fabrics and wallpapers usually only sold to the trade. They were also nice enough to let me pick out a yard of any fabric I wanted and I have to say it was a tough decision. You have got to check it out here: NYDFO

China Seas: Wildflowers Wallpaper - Custom Raspberry Ice in White

Quadrille Wallpaper: Paradise Background Wallpaper - Custom Pale Powder on Cream

Alan Campbell: Potalla Background - Custom French Blue on White

Alan Campbell: Zig Zag - Jungle Green on Tint

Just a very few examples...go on...check it out and report back and let me know what you bought!!
And another big thanks to NYDFO for sharing their site with us and for the fabric!!
Can't wait to show you what I am going to do with it!!